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Well, we got a lot of stuff out of my room this afternoon. I do have to go through a lot more but it's amazing how much we got out and how much room there now is. Basically I have a corner which is actually a lot of my step-father's stuff and then the right side of my bed which I think is actually clothes, yarn and books. I'm a clothes whore and I'm not afraid to admit it. That will probably be what I do in the morning; go through clothes and see what I want to keep and what I don't want to keep. With the cramps and such that I'm having, it'll be nice, easy work that won't kill me. And then I'll have the back room to contend with. That room I can do even if it is hot out as the air conditioner really works well. The one in my bedroom does not work well at all. It hasn't for about three years but it's okay to sleep by with a fan. This weekend was perfect for the front room because it was cool today and tomorrow is going to be even cooler. I know, I should have done it in the winter but then I'm contending with the cold as the heat doesn't always warm the room that well. The trials of living in a house that's over 100 years old and needs a lot of work.

Anyways, aside from that, what have I been up to? Well, I did mention that I've been getting to know this guy. He messaged me on match.com about...two months ago I'd say and I did write back. We talked twice on match.com, then a few times in e-mail and we talk a lot of facebook. We also just started talking through text messaging. He respects the fact that I'm ... not terrified ... but dislike greatly talking on the phone and isn't pressuring me to do so. He's fine with text messaging. Basically we've agreed that the best thing is for us to be friends because I'm moving to Harrisburg, he lives in Philadelphia and doesn't drive but it's nice getting to know him. As of right now, we have no plans to meet in person but just to get to know each other through talking...well writing. This morning he was really sweet and just messaged me good morning and that he hoped I would have a good day. Okay, so we started text messaging yesterday when I decided at lunch to message him hi as I sat by the lake. But it was nice. Let's see, he's 31, is interested in music, used to play WoW, enjoys reading, watches a lot of crime drama and also enjoys British Comedy. He's easy to talk to though we are writing and through e-mail, I can even talk to the crush - which I'll get to next. Anyways, his name is Joe and I've just been enjoying talking to him. He also told me he likes me with red hair (he was looking at my facebook pictures) and that he'd like to see me with blond hair. Oh, and he knows I have depression issues and that I see a therapist and isn't freaked out by it. Tomorrow morning I'll write him another e-mail. I'd do it tonight but I usually wind up taking about an hour to write an e-mail back to him and I have alloted myself the last hour before bed to knitting since I found an easy scarf to knit.

Next thing that has been going on is I've sorta been talking to the crush more. Not in person but one day last week he closed one of my tickets and like I always do, I sent him a quick e-mail thanking him (because it's only polite to thank someone after they've fixed something for you even if they do work on the help desk) and asked how he was. I hadn't heard from him in a few weeks and I figured like normal I'd get a yw with a smiley face and that would be it. But it wasn't. He actually answered me back with how he was and then asked how I was. So we went back and forth a little that day (he was telling me about his new puppy). The next day I was walking back to the DE suite for a meeting, didn't see him and was somewhat surprised when I heard hi Jenn and looked up to see him hooking up a computer. I got to say hi, asked how he was and then had to run to the meeting that I was already late too. Part of me says I should have said fuck the meeting and stayed to talk to him but I didn't. The day after that, followed the same as the first; I thanked him for closing a ticket, asked how he was and he answered back. That day we talked about how he was frustrated with something. Friday of the week saw the same and we talked about how he needed a vacation and how long it's been since he's been on a vacation. Oh yeah, and since we've been e-mailing, his name moved up in my Outlook list and I accidentally sent him an e-mail that was for someone else so he now knows that my one nickname is Chloe (thanks Kim!). Didn't really talk to him this week; not because I didn't want to but he didn't answer the e-mail I sent on Wednesday asking how he was and if his dog had a name yet. He did answer one that afternoon that got sent to him accidentally and he did say he was going to watch the Flyers that night. Did talk to him briefly on the phone yesterday but there was someone else on the phone plus...again...I don't talk on the phone. LOL. Anyways, we talked briefly through e-mail too yesterday; it was really nothing; just asked how he was (and he asked how I was) and then I asked what he was doing for the weekend (he told me he was going to West Chester to watch the UFC fight) and I apologized for kind of snapping at him on the phone since he was calling to fix one thing and I was having a mini crisis in that our main data entry program had just crashed and no one was able to work (he fixed it really quick) but apparently he didn't see me as snapping when we were on the phone. So I'm confused on him; does he know I exist or doesn't he, does he see me as someone who could be a friend or doesn't he, does he see me as someone who could be more then a friend or doesn't he?

Yeah, so now I have two guys that I like; though I like them differently. Joe I see as someone who has the potential of being a really good friend. He's easy to talk to and I don't know if either of us see it as going any further then that. The crush on the other hand, I think could be more then a friend but I have no clue where he stands or what he thinks.

At the same time, my heart was broken a little this past week when I found out that Tony Stewart is dating a skinny little blond.

The yarn that I ordered from yarn.com the other day arrived this morning so I was able to start knitting the scarf that I wanted to. It's a beginner scarf that I found in one of my knitting magazines. It's not a long one; about 23" long total; but with that said, it shouldn't take me three years to knit. Since the entire pattern is the knit stitch, I did order more expensive yarn since usually I buy the cheap stuff from Michael's or A.C. Moore. I'm not too worried about screwing this up. I will just take my time and work slowly on it. This is what I'm attempting to make. It's in the Knit Scene Easy magazine. All the projects in the magazine are suppose to be easy to make. Here are all the projects in the magazine. I am slowly going to work my way through them. I really think they'll help me learn to knit better.

School starts on Friday (the 12th). I am now taking a science class and the software applications class since I wasn't allowed to take web design and software applications at the same time. The science class I'm worrying about since science has never been my strong point. Anyone good at science? Because I might have questions that I need help with trying to understand what they're asking. I also have to e-mail my adviser because they've taken all my electives by filling in classes from my paralegal agree; great except some of them are not the best grades but rather the ones that I was in when my mom was in the hospital and they thought she could possibly die. Wasn't my best at the time and school really wasn't my concern.

Okay, I think I'm going to go. I do want to write that e-mail to my adviser before I forget. Hope everyone is doing well!


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