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Well, today I went grocery shopping. $150 later and I have food for this week as well as staples to help me create meals later. It is very expensive moving out on your own for the first time. I'm guessing that when you've been out on your own you have things that I had to go out and buy; like small kitchen appliances and dishes, the basic cooking supplies like spices and silverware. But I've had to go out and buy all that. Now, I'm thinking since I have the staples for cooking I won't have to spend as much at the grocery store.

Right now I should be working on homework but I'm working on doing my paid to click sites to see if I can earn enough credits to get some free advertising. If I can get the free advertising, then I can start putting out there the link for my paid e-mail companies that I earn money with. It really is work to earn just a little extra but hey, living on my own, I think every little penny will help.

Date: 2010-11-11 02:29 am (UTC)
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I just realized that while I added you my friend list, I wasn't watching your posts. Now I am! Sorry for the late comment because of that! :)

I remember when I first moved out of state, there were sooooo many hidden costs. It was the worst. I had to pay for a lot and there were all these little things I needed to buy for my apartment, plus a big expensive grocery trip for all the staples. Eesh! I'm going to move in a few months here so I'll get to do the big grocery trip all over again. ;)


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