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Hello everyone and a Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my friends here in the US who celebrate the holiday. I hope everyone had a wonderful time either by yourself or with friends and family. My Thanksgiving was nice; could have done with not having to clean my mom's or cook Thanksgiving dinner before my step-grandparents got here but it wasn't a bad day. My step-father was supposed to clean for my mom before he left to get his dad and step-mother but he just piled it up on the side of the living room and the dining room and said it was done. He was also going to put the turkey in before he left because he "wanted to do something special to it" but he forgot so I did that. Well, when he got home, he was going to to dinner since we never let him cook but he sat down and went "I'll get it in a few minutes". Well, it was 3 at that point and the rest of dinner was going to take an hour and a half to two hours and he had to drive them back down to Philly from Harrisburg so I went to the fridge in the garage and got everything. I'm in the kitchen ten minutes later after getting everything in the oven and was getting ready to set the dining room table when he goes "I was going to get it in another twenty minutes or so." Well, by the time he got around to it, we wouldn't be eating until 6 or 7. But it's cool; it was a nice evening.

Last night at about 9:30, Steve and I ran to Toys R Us up here to see if they had the Pro Guitar for Rock Band 3. Well, we got over to the one closet to mom's house in Harrisburg and left; the number of cars and the lines of people was insane. So we went to the other one about seven miles away and could see the line a bit better - this was wrapped around the building and then some. We said forget it. We have the guitar pre-ordered at the GameStop near my apartment but they keep pushing the release date back and we know some places have them. Mom and I were watching the news at 11 and they showed the second Toys R Us and said that the line had thousands of people in it; they let 500 in at 10 and the lines was stilled wrapped around the building and up to the mall. Then they said the Harrisburg Toys R Us (the first one we went too) was even worse then that one. So even if we had gotten into the line and gotten in, we wouldn't have gotten into it. One of the woman that I work with said the one down in Montgomeryville near my apartment was as bad and I was reading the FB of someone from high school and it was as bad as the one near my apartment in Horsham. When I have kids; I don't care about the huge sales; I will start shopping early in the season and put it away so that come Black Friday; I could spend the day with my kids and not try and fight the insane crowds. I do not see what the allure is to doing the shopping on this day.

Moving into the apartment is done for now. I cannot afford to buy bookshelves or a couch so that will have to wait until some time next year and I've unpacked what I can without having bookshelves. I've also settled in nicely. It's quiet most of the time except for the people upstairs but there's nothing I can do about that and I can live with it. My brother is staying there a lot with school and work so I have some company. The next couple of weeks, things will be extremely tight so we'll be having spaghetti a lot but that's alright. Haven't been going out much; though I really don't have a lot of friends anymore so that's not a problem. With school I keep pretty busy plus work and Steve has Rock Band 3 so we've been playing that a few times a week. And we've been watching Doctor Who through Netflix and his PS3 so it's really not that bad. I'm getting into a schedule and now that I've gotten settled, won't have to run around so much so I can also work on some webpages to build some skills up.

Now that my schedule is evening out, I'm also going to make an effort to be on the journal a bit more and to get to know people. It's like I fell off the face of the Earth but I've just been so busy and the depression was back for awhile but it's all evening out now.

Okay - and I said I wasn't going out today but my mom needs to run to CVS and I don't want her driving with all the idiots who are out there driving today.


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