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Work was just...long. I have a headache and I think it's all tension. And I did a stupid. I knew Steve had class tonight but I put the ground beef for dinner into the freezer last night. So I wound up ordering Chili's for dinner because he didn't want Italian or WaWa. It took me no time tonight to get from work to Chili's so I had a few minutes to kill. Went into BN to just look around but wound up buying a book because mom told me too. She also told me to come home, eat my dinner and play TheSims3 for the rest of the night. I might take her up on that.

Off topic - has anyone noticed that Hair Cuttery keeps raising their prices on the commercial but say "Still Only"? Last year it said "Still only $13" now it says "Still only $15". LOL.

Anyways, as I was picking up dinner in Chili's, there were these two guys at the bar drinking beer. I gave my name and as I was waiting, the one guys goes "so do you go by Jennifer, Jenn, Jennie, Jenna, John" and then gulps half his beer. Before I could say anything, the one sitting next to him looks at my chest, smiles with beer dribbling down his chin and says hi. Okay, I know I'm looking for a boyfriend but I would seriously rather be single for the rest of my life then go out with a guy who is introducing themselves by staring at my chest and has beer dribbling down his chin. Thank goodness the bar tender brought my food out then. And the guy who did the name thing...looks at the bar tender and goes "So do you go by Jennifer, Jenn, Jennie,. Jenna, John..." (her name was Kari) to which she went "my name was John but I changed it to Kari when I had the sex change". Seriously - that was great. I wish I had thought of that. LOL.

Alright, I think I'm going to get off the net for a bit and either a) knit, b) work on pen pal letters, c) read fanfiction or d) play TheSims3.
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There are so many things that I need to do but I'm not doing them. Am I being lazy? Somewhat. I'm exhausted. The 46 hours of work this week has been a killer; especially since most of that was spent typing in some way or another. What I am suppose to be doing is bringing every out of my two bedrooms and going through it but I talked with my step-father last night and he agreed that on Tuesday or Wednesday he'll clean out the stuff he has in the dining room and then start bringing down the containers and piles from the rooms and then I can go through them where I actually have room. And so they told me to rest today since I'll probably have another week of overtime.

So what have I done today? Well, I wound up sleeping late since the one cat kept me up most of the night fighting for bed space. Finally got out of bed at 11 and got a shower. A few years ago I had tried the Schick Intuition shower razor and didn't like how it did my legs but yesterday when I was at Giant, they had the Schick Intuition Plus on sale plus I had a $1 off coupon for anything in Health and Beauty so I decided to try it again. This time, it didn't suck. And in the long run, it's cheaper then the Nair Shower stuff that I've been using. That is a definite plus.

After my shower I ordered some boneless wings from Chili's. They said ten to twenty minutes and so I used that time to hit Barnes and Nobles next door to Chili's for my British Genealogy magazines. And guess what - the new Top Gear magazine was also in and it has a bright green Porsche on the front. While I was there, I found they had a new Knit Simple magazine and two history magazines that looked interesting. And I was bad, I hit the Star Bucks in the back of Barnes and Nobles and got a Venti Light Caffe Vanilla. I know, seriously bad but I was craving caffeine. Picked up dinner and I've been sitting here on the couch relaxing and watching family movies free onDemand. First was Cheaper by the Dozen 2 which was really good. Now I just started First Daughter. I don't know how it is going to be but you know what, I don't care. It makes me happy. :)

Mom is staying up at the house in Harrisburg for the week but Steve is on his way down. We didn't get him a birthday present and we know he wanted the Google Nexus phone but we can't get it on a family plan. Not through T-Mobile because the guy mom talked to on the phone tried to help her but said Google is controlling it all. He did help her get in touch with Google who suggested we buy out his part of my family plan and then buy the phone through them on his own plan; or we can spend $530 and buy just the phone and put it on the family plan ourselves. The woman at Google told mom if we're not willing to spend the money with them, then we should look at the new HTC phone but the Google phone out performs the HTC phones. I'm going to take him up to look at it. And I beg to differ with the woman's comment. Steve already has a Google phone and I have the HTC touch pro 2 and my phone is way better then his. So we'll see if he likes the phone but I'm thinking not.

I am thinking of playing The Sims 3 for a bit; or WoW since I haven't played that in a long time either. Of course, I should also work on pen pal letters. What should I do?


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